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REFUGE AREAS: THE SOUTH REFUGE AREA IN THE BIG BASIN IS OFF-LIMITS TO ALL ACTIVITIES, AND THIS INCLUDES DUCK HUNTING. THERE IS NO HUNTING OR PUBLIC ACCESS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED IN THE REFUGE!! The Little Sinkhole/Farland Lake marsh unit is included in the EARLY low-plains duck zone (as is the rest of MPWL). Get migration reports, sponsored by Avery Outdoors. Reports are updated monthly throughout the waterfowl season and include water conditions, feeding conditions, a hunting report and a "gossip" entry for local hearsay and speculation on hunting conditions. Select a geographic area to receive. Sep 08,  · Duck Hunting Chat General Forums Topics Posts Last post; The Honey Hole Main forum for general non waterfowl discussions as well as general duck hunting information about travel, rules and regulations, and other duck hunting info along with the general topics.

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For state park alerts, visit the State Parks Alerts page. Many reservoirs are experiencing unusually high water levels which may create hazardous floating debris and hide underwater obstacles. Always practice safe boating and use extreme caution in high-water situations. The Refuge on the water ends on Jan.

Ice only in coves. Boat Ramps are beginning to open up. Regular Season - Oct. Zebra Mussels are present in Cedar Bluff Reservoir, duck hunting reports. Please clean and dry all equipment, decoys and boats before hunting other bodies of water. Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area.

This regulation duck hunting reports into effect on September 1, Users are duck hunting reports to utilize the ISportsman electronic daily hunting permit system, but may also use the phone system or the 3 paper card stations that are on the property. Waterfowl hunting from the shoreline area is allowed in the Youth-Mentor Area as long as EACH adult is hunting with a youth 17 years or younger.

Boats of any sort are prohibited in the Duck hunting reports Creek Refuge. Zebra Mussels have been confirmed in Waconda Lake. Be sure to dry boats and duck hunting reports before moving to other waters, duck hunting reports. Best estimates with the water and vegetation is around teal. Wood Ducks and Pintails are also on the area. The birds will be using the shallow sheet water and mud flats in Gun Club and Gamekeeper along with the excellent moist soil in Buffalo Creek Marshes.

Boat access will be limited depending on the progress of the Gamekeeper Dam construction project. Vegetation is thick in Buffalo Creek Marshes as it was too we to open some holes prior to pumping. Hunters need to scout prior to hunting. This important information gathered from hunt permits helps managers tailor management practices specific to an area and hunter preference. Fair to Good - With Teal in the duck hunting reports already and wet conditions on the landscape, there should be plenty of habitat for birds as we see numbers increase with every cool front.

Boat access will be limited in Gun Club and Gamekeeper Marshes due to construction. The waterfowl report will be updated weekly with new water levels and bird numbers. The following are required:. Marsh Creek Marsh is for non-gasoline powered boats only, this includes electric motor boats and boats with no motors. Gasoline engines are prohibited. Spring migration is late and waterfowl numbers will fluctuate daily as they push north against the snowline, duck hunting reports.

Reservoir is at Releases are at cfs. Releases may be scheduled throughout the rest of the winter to keep the water at the winter management elevation. Summer irrigation Drawdown was later this season so not much vegetation on the bare mudflats. Hunting condition Poor. No snow cover. Expected hunting success Poor for field hunting due lack of birds and muddy field conditions for access. The conservation season for Light Geese open February 18 - April 30, Follow this link to get registered.

Please introduce youth and novice hunters to the outdoors. Pass it on! Between 5, and 9, snow geese depending on the time of day. Please do not bring materials from off-site, duck hunting reports.

Please use common sense and choose shots that will not allow shot geese to land in the refuge. This Mallard Migration Rank is subjective and ranges from 0 no duck hunting reports to 10 Peak mallard numbers.

Click HERE for duck season, duck hunting reports, regulation, and research information. Approximately 50 blue-winged teal with some mallards, gadwall, and shovelers. If this report is not updated before the teal opener, assume that conditions and bird numbers remain the same. Boat ramps: Cedar Creek boat ramp is currently open. The Elm Creek boat ramps are currently under water. Teal season in this zone runs from Sept. The regular duck season opens Oct.

It then reopens Jan. Dark goose except white-fronts and light goose seasons run from Oct. White-fronted goose season is open Oct. All access including hunters, duck hunting reports, fishermen, and boating is prohibited Sept, duck hunting reports. Printable Version Email Duck hunting reports. Wildlife area is flooded due to high river level. There are many flooded pools and ditches throughout the property in addition to the normal wetlands.

Mallards are present in the ditches inside the levee. Multiple small groups of teal were seen flying across the levee towards the river. Large pools outside of levee are holding some wood ducks. Water is slowly draining out of the property. The access road to the parking lot is currently only passable by trucks due to water on the road. Plans are to get gravel this week and fix the mud holes.

October 1 through March 31 the area can only be accessed with a special permit obtained through a duck hunting reports. The application and drawing will take place online only in There were zero duck hunting reports and only duck hunting reports Canada geese observed on the reservoir and wildlife area during a waterfowl survey completed on Both main marsh complexes have been underwater for about 3 months, and there is little to no vegetation present.

As the lake level drops, we will retain enough water to keep the pools full, duck hunting reports. Once conditions allow, the north pool will have the final phase of the wetland improvement plan finalized.

We will be placing an additional structure to allow us the option to use an adjacent stream to fill the north pool. This will be in addition to the electric pump already installed. Shadden marsh 10 acres is full and has good vegetation.

It should provide hunting opportunity for a limited number of hunters. Elk Creek wetlands are not accessible. The road to the wetlands has been under water all summer and all pools, dikes, and structures have been submerged in very deep water for over 90 days. Clinton Wildlife Area is utilizing an electronic check-in system required of all hunters.

This will be mandatory for everyone hunting the wildlife area, not just waterfowl hunters. The card survey stations have been removed.

Plan ahead and sign up for I-sportsman now. Pumping will be minimal for waterfowl season most likely. Water Level Antioch Wetland - Minimal. Individuals wishing to hunt Unit 2 of the wildlife area must enter through the main gate and sign in at the guard house. Be sure to have a photo I. A map will be provided to all hunters showing open roads as well as duck hunting reports areas, duck hunting reports.

Vehicles are allowed to park in parking areas only. Milford was 30 feet high at one point this past summer and is currently still 19 feet above conservation pool which impacts the wildlife area roads, wetland pumps, parking areas and boat ramps. The flood water is still above the majority of the wetland levees and has been all growing season. This will be a very difficult duck hunting reports season at Milford Wildlife Area. Waterfowl counts given on this report are based on what was duck hunting reports on the day the report is updated.

Waterfowl numbers vary greatly from day to day and weather conditions and hunting pressure will affect the numbers of waterfowl on the area. No ducks were observed using the area on the bi-weekly waterfowl survey on Monday this week but we have seen small groups birds on the area the last couple of days.

Vegetation growth and seed production was not permitted this year due to the extent and duration of flooding we've experienced this past year. The majority of the wetlands are still under water with little or no cover to provide favorable hunting conditions.

Motorized boats are only allowed in the Mall Creek wetland, electric motors are considered "motorized", duck hunting reports. All other public hunting wetlands are open to NON motorized boats and walk in hunting. Do NOT drive on dikes.

Vehicles disrupt and discourage waterfowl from using the wetland areas.


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duck hunting reports


Sep 08,  · Duck Hunting Chat General Forums Topics Posts Last post; The Honey Hole Main forum for general non waterfowl discussions as well as general duck hunting information about travel, rules and regulations, and other duck hunting info along with the general topics. Hunting Reports To access your state reports, click on the map below. To post a report go to the state page and use the post report form on that state’s page. Ducks Unlimited & Hunting DU was founded by a group of waterfowl hunters more than 75 years ago, and today 90 percent of DU members are hunters. Through the support of this sportsman constituency, DU has been able to conserve more than 13 million acres of habitat across North America.